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Shizuki Itoh, 79, holds up a photograph of her and her infant daughter, taken 45 years ago. Two years after the bombing, and one year after Itoh's husband died of kidney failure, her daughter died of radiation sickness. One woman, Shizuka Itoh, had a little daughter only 17 months old.  In the nine months that followed the devastation of the bomb, the daughter seemed tortured with pain. There was nothing the doctors could do. The daughters kept losing hair, vomiting, crying constantly.  Other children were dying all around.  "As Itoh held her daughter in her arms one day in May, she cried out to her, "Go to the gods."  "The 2-year-old grabbed at Itoh's neck and died.  Itoh tried to commit suicide the next year.  "I have never told this story to anyone, she told me in a quiet voice." Pulitzer finalist entry 1989 Frederic Larson©