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Vetter Is reunited with his birth mother at a farmhouse longing to his half brother that he just met on the outskirts of Kansas City, Kansas.  A documentary story about a young man by the name of Vetter who found his birth parents. In his search for finding his parents he found his mother who lived in Kansas City by the name of Gloria. He later found out that his father gave him up to adoption when he was born during a love triangle with is mother and another man. His half brother, Matt, during this time took his own life as Vetter  was returning to Kansas City to be reunited with his birth parents. His later discovered birth father Leonard turned out to be the one that turned him away during birth. He said at the time that Vetter (who we thought was the son of the other man) died during childbirth. Vetter,  most his life lived with his adopted parents in the East of San Francisco Bay Area and  at the time spent some  years  being reunited with his new family in Kansas City, Kansas.